Prayer - The Great Kingdom Technology


Introduction to video presentation on "Prayer - The Great Kingdom Technology". This message was presented at the Miramar Kingdom Community Center in Florida. The link to the video is available at the bottom of this podcast page. 

There is a technology that the Master Designer has given us to shift our circumstances, to counter the effects of darkness, to change our lives, and to transform our world. It is strategic in nature, direct, effective, and is guaranteed to get the job done when appropriately administered. 

No other technology by far, has the capacity and the potency to alter the very course of our lives, of our destinies and of our unborn generations, like that of prayer. It was designed to accomplish all these things and then some, but it must be activated and utilized purposefully, deliberately and with precision. If we do not pray, absolutely nothing happens!

What’s Holding You Hostage?


What's holding you hostage? What is it that you've been fittin' to do but just have not gotten around to getting done? More important than the ‘what’ is the ‘why’. Why haven't you started what you've been meaning to start? Why did you start but stopped in the middle of the process? Why haven't you resumed where you left off and why are you still making excuses? 

Procrastination by far, is probably the most potent threat to success. Though there are several factors that often work to hinder you from making the moves you dream of making and doing the things you are capable of accomplishing, if you do not know who you are, if you never truly discover the real you and if your identity remains undefined, almost nebulous, you can never begin to truly express your essence. If you do not believe that you've been blessed with something of value and significance to contribute to the world, to your generation, the only evidence of your existence on earth will one day be a tomb stone in the cemetery.

Relationships Gone Right


"No man is an island, no man stands alone, each man's joy is joy to me, each man's grief is my own. We need one another, so I will defend, each man as my brother, each man as my friend. When I help my brother, then I know that I plant the seed of friendship that will never die." 

Everything that occurs in our lives, be it good or bad, is constructed within the confines of relationships. Your greatest achievements, even your failures, were hinged on the intersection of one or more relational dynamics; the ever present dynamic involving you with yourself and you with at least one other person. Whether the relationships were surficial and in passing, or they were deep and intimate, you could not and did not arrive at your current location and disposition without their influence.

Your relationship with yourself will determine the kind of interpersonal relationships you foster with others; hence the quality of the people you will naturally gravitate to. And it is within the construct of those external relationships that your destiny will be shaped.

Stuck In Construction Mode? Let Me Help You…


Excerpt from the message presented to business women at the recent ICAWN Women Empowerment Conference and Expo (4/2014). The message is available in two parts (Parts 1 and 2) in the video links located at the bottom of this podcast page...

There is nothing exciting, appealing or comfortable about being stuck!! The word generates images of distress, frustration, anxiety, loss. And yet, without arriving at a place where your life, your business, or your endeavors simply cannot flow as usual, you will never discover the unknown. The truth is, you are a creature of habit, accustomed to the predictable routines and regularity of life. As long as there remains the ability to move in the familiar, that is where you will exist. When a crisis or a roadblock emerges, you are forced to do something different; to think outside the box, to try another route, to do something you've never done before, to explore the other alternatives. 

Getting in the stuck mode may often prove to be a blessing in disguise if one is willing to shift one's perspective. It is in this zone that your creative capacity is expanded, your thought process becomes stimulated and your potentials become activated. When you find yourself in the stuck mode, you have the extraordinary opportunity to begin discovering and exploring new sources and resources you might never before have known to exist. Getting stuck could translate to a whole new life and a whole new world, but while navigating through this process, you are going to need to have somethings in place to give you some staying power. 

Getting It Right The First Time. The Missed Appointments That You Can Never Recover


Nothing can be more frustrating than missing a moment. Have you ever been positioned to achieve something great or significant and for whatever reason, somehow you missed your cue? Maybe you responded the wrong way, or talked out of turn. Maybe you forgot about the appointment. Maybe you weren't paying close attention. Maybe you were operating with limited knowledge about the situation, or perhaps, maybe you knew but chose to do your own thing.

Whatever the reason, sometimes we do miss appointments and are fortunate enough to secure a second, even a third chance at getting it right. But there are those moments that are really once in a lifetime opportunities and if we are unfortunate enough to miss those kinds of trains, recovery is oftentimes, always impossible.

Your ignorance of or your reluctance to subscribe to your Master Manufacturer's way of doing things or of living your life, could cost you your entire future and quite possibly with no second chance for a recovery. It could cost you your peace, your joy, your integrity, your name, your reputation, your purpose, even a promise that you have been waiting to see manifest for a very long time. It could cost you your job, your business, your marriage, a relationship, an awesome opportunity, a divine appointment. It could cost you your life. 

Excerpt_The Kingdom Citizen’s Responsibilities


Excerpt from the message presented to members of the Miramar Kingdom Community Center (MKCC). The message is available in its entirety in the video link located at the bottom of the podcast page. The actual presentation begins at the 44-minute mark...

Rights! What is owed to us, what we are entitled to. Whether it is in the Kingdom of God, or in a community, work, church, school, or organizational setting, everyone readily embraces this concept. In-fact, it goes without saying that we will go to whatever length or take the necessary measures to ensure that our rights are protected. The scales of justice, however, demands that, not only do we need to be aware and fully engage in defending what we are entitled to, but equally as important is the need to be fully aware of and uphold our responsibilities. 

The benefit of citizenship in a nation, including the Kingdom of Heaven, or membership in an organization, is that we have rights, BUT, it is in fulfilling our responsibilities that our rights are reinforced as well as preserved. The pendulum swings both ways. You are not an authentic citizen or member if you are not abiding by the laws of the nation or organization that you are apart of.



Excerpt from the March 2014 Women Empowering Women Conference...

If you have been given the extraordinary opportunity to enter the realm of the natural to exist in a place called "Earth", you are here for one fundamental reason. Dominion! Your purpose or reason for being here is to live out the mandate that has been inbuilt into your spirit as a hu-man being and as detailed in your manual for living; "Be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it, and rule." (Genesis 1:28). 

How? It begins by discovering who you really are (your identity); finding out why you are really here (purpose); determining what you can do and what you are truly passionate about (potentials); establishing where you want to arrive at (destiny/future); and, executing (putting your game plan to work).

Unfortunately, absolutely none of these things are possible until you re-connect to the Source of your life, Your Master Manufacturer, Who has already established, by design, your true identity, your original purpose, your potentials, your destiny, and the guarantee that if you put together your game plan and present it to Him, He will make it happen His way and in His time. What are you waiting for?

Your Ignorance Could Cost You Big! What You Don’t Know Does Hurt


Remember when we were kids growing up how we would love to rehearse those cliches; "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words could never hurt me", "Ignorance is bliss", "What you don't know won't hurt you"? It's amazing how much in hindsight we often realize how absolutely wrong we were about many of these assumptions. How much that what we were saying was more wishful thinking than truth.

If you are willing enough to admit it today, as an adult, words do have the propensity to do way more damage than sticks and stones. What a person does not know often results in failure, loss, missed opportunities, unrecoverable moments, violation, broken relationships, divorce, dysfunctional homes, even death, and that there is absolutely nothing blissful about being ignorant!

How many times have you found yourself in a place saying, "If only I knew", or wishing you had a second chance and if you had it, how much you would do things differently? How many times have you suffered because you simply didn't know and how many times a little bit of information just at the right time, became a major game changer? 

Real change demands exposure to new knowledge. You cannot keep using the same old methodology or strategy with the hope of having a new outcome.

When “Yes” Still Leads To Failure…What Next?


Has disappointment ever brought you to your knees? Has it ever brought you to the door of absolute despair and hopelessness? Have you ever suffered a colossal failure or disappointment that recovery seemed almost impossible? Most importantly, has God ever given you the 'green-light' to proceed but disappointment or failure came just the same?

Maybe there is something more that God is requiring or even demanding of you. Maybe failure and disappointment are apart of the process itself, apart of your journey. Maybe God is wanting to prove what is in your heart. Maybe God is wanting to bring you to a place of complete understanding that without His involvement, your ability to secure the victory is null and void. 

Maybe God is wanting to ensure that the praise and glory will be directed to Him and Him alone when you finally get there. Maybe He wants you to rely on Him even more. It could be any number of reasons. The only way you are going to know what do to next, when the decision to move on a confirmation of "yes" still leads to failure, is to go back to your Source. Go back to God.

My Position: Kingdom Ambassador. My Mission: To Advance The Father’s Agenda In The Earth


The word ambassador means, "An official envoy. This person is the highest ranking diplomat who represents a State and is usually accredited to another sovereign State (country), or to an international organization as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign".

When you come to God and you give yourself completely over to Him, your opinions no longer hold weight. Instead, His opinions, culture, values, customs, language, disposition, and ways of doing things become your own. You take on His nature and you walk as His representative in the earth. 

Wherever you go, in whatever setting you find yourself, you represent His interests. This is what it means to be a Kingdom Ambassador. It means that you represent His government wherever you are.

You as a Kingdom Ambassador live in this world, but you should never subscribe to the world's opinions or the world's ways of doing things. You should never be influenced by it's culture, it's language, it's practices, or it's social constructs. Your obligation and allegiance is always to the government that you represent, that is, the Kingdom of God.

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