Getting It Right The First Time. The Missed Appointments That You Can Never Recover


Nothing can be more frustrating than missing a moment. Have you ever been positioned to achieve something great or significant and for whatever reason, somehow you missed your cue? Maybe you responded the wrong way, or talked out of turn. Maybe you forgot about the appointment. Maybe you weren't paying close attention. Maybe you were operating with limited knowledge about the situation, or perhaps, maybe you knew but chose to do your own thing.

Whatever the reason, sometimes we do miss appointments and are fortunate enough to secure a second, even a third chance at getting it right. But there are those moments that are really once in a lifetime opportunities and if we are unfortunate enough to miss those kinds of trains, recovery is oftentimes, always impossible.

Your ignorance of or your reluctance to subscribe to your Master Manufacturer's way of doing things or of living your life, could cost you your entire future and quite possibly with no second chance for a recovery. It could cost you your peace, your joy, your integrity, your name, your reputation, your purpose, even a promise that you have been waiting to see manifest for a very long time. It could cost you your job, your business, your marriage, a relationship, an awesome opportunity, a divine appointment. It could cost you your life. 

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