Embracing The Fear Of Being Afraid_Why Not?


Fear. The number one reason you dream big but execute small. Maybe it's about time you shift your perspective! What if you made the decision to embrace the thing you fear the most? You just might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome...

The Single Life Saga - Part I


Interview with special guest; Mental Health Clinician, Certified Professional Speaker, Transformational Coach, and Educational Trainer Florence Gaspard. Her motivational presentations are inspiring clients/audiences to work through their challenges and develop insight into their purpose. 

The single life can be tough, for more reasons than one. Like the times when you run across those old college buddies you haven't seen in years; or those moments when you find yourself in the presence of well meaning church folks at those special church events; or those long awaited family gatherings around the holidays, say Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yup, you guessed it!!! The "when are you going to get married; when are you gonna have them babies; and, what are you waiting for?" questions that seem to go on forever.

This light-hearted and informative podcast segment is for those living the single life and who consistently and persistently find themselves struggling with the roller coaster of negative emotions that often confronts singles. Join special guest Flo Gaspard as she dismantles many of those myths surrounding singleness and presents viable approaches to effectively managing those negative emotions commonly associated with this status. Changing your story/your perspective and embarking upon the journey of self-discovery, are likely your greatest tools for seeing you over those hump moments.   

Death Re-Defined: The Myles Munroe Legacy


"Death is a constant companion for each of us. It is also the most unique motivator I have ever known. You can either fear death- negative motivation, or you can see it as an asset- positive motivation. It doesn't matter which path you take, you will always meet it at the end of the road. Death has an assignment. The key then to understanding death, is to discover its purpose". - Dr. Myles Munroe (In Pursuit of Purpose)

Nobody wants to die, but if you are terrified of death, there is that strong possibility that you truly have not started living just yet. People who live their lives on purpose are very much aware that their death is always imminent, but they are so preoccupied with and committed to finishing their course, they have neither the time nor the energy to live in fear. 

When an Ambassador gets called back to the Headquarters of Heaven, our home country, the rest of us are trained to rise to the occasion, take the baton and keep riding. The business of the Kingdom of God must go on. It never stops when someone's task on this side of life comes to an end.

Have You Even Met The ‘Real’ You?


Have You Even Met The 'Real' You? I know that there are versions of you that you've developed the art of presenting to others, depending on the situation. But when the crowd is gone and the curtains are drawn and you are left standing with no one else in the room but yourself, can you honestly say that you know the real you? The worst thing that could ever happen to you is that you never come into a knowledge of who you are, who you were meant to be, discovering your unique purpose and living your life to the fullest.

You are a unique entity. There is no other person like you on this planet and there will never be another person. You were handcrafted to be an original by the Master Designer Himself, but if you never embark upon that journey of self-discovery, you my friend are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life faking the funk and living like a wannabe. You owe it to yourself to explore the potentials, abilities, gifts, talents, passions, interests, dreams, the vision that is locked deep inside the core of your being and discover where this process takes you.

Fathers: The ‘Catalyst’ Designed To Launch You Into Your Destiny (Part II)


Interview with special guest; scientist, author, United Nations NGO Extra-Ordinary Ambassador, Vice President of Environmental Sustainability for the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA), pastor (Miramar Kingdom Community Center), mentor, and FATHER, Dr. Pepe Ramnath.

"The male-man was wired and engineered for fatherhood" - Dr. Pepe Ramnath

Building on Part I of this segment, Dr. Pepe Ramnath masterfully articulates from a scientific, social and spiritual dynamic, why and how the male-man was endowed with the responsibility of transmitting life. He talks at length concerning, among other things, the importance of the position and role of fathers; how provision has been made to facilitate the destiny of the fatherless; and, how those who have failed and are failing miserably as fathers can be restored and re-positioned to assume their rightful place. 

With a direct yet compassionate approach that can only be exhibited by a 'true father', Dr. Pepe appeals to the heart of the male-man who wants to live authentically as the leader in his children's lives, but lacks the courage and the know-how to make this deep-seated conviction a reality. A timely message for fathers, the fatherless and mothers who love their children.

Fathers: The ‘Catalyst’ Designed To Launch You Into Your Destiny (Part I)


This concept of 'father' did not emerge out of the human being's own limited creative capacity. It's construct was never left up to the constantly evolving ideals of humans, neither were its meaning and value, and certainly not its purpose. Instead, this concept was designed and crafted by the Master Manufacturer Himself.

God designed fathers to be the ones to help catalyze and facilitate the various processes in our lives. In concert with Him, fathers were put in place to ensure that the plans and purposes of God for their children's lives would unfold and take full effect, in season and on time. This original idea and plan for fathers have not changed.


This One’s For The Fighter In You!


Interview with special guest Anita Johnson, Doctoral student in Educational Leadership and Single's Ministry Leader at the Miramar Kingdom Community Center

I have found that no matter how balanced, focused and determined we are, every now and again life has a tendency of taking a chunk out of our joy and peace of mind. What do you do when bombarded by disappointments, loss and failure? And what do you do when old mantras and popular phrases such as the famous statement by Winston Churchill; "Never, never, never give up", no longer seem relevant, convincing, or pacifying? Joining me today is special guest Anita Johnson. Talk about a born fighter!!

The Power of Networking_Finding Your Base


Plans go wrong without talking together, but they will go well when many wise men talk about what to do ~ King Solomon (The Manual For Living)

Whether it is in the corporate world or in your personal world, nothing beats the power of collaboration. Having a core or a network of people who are determined and committed to helping you make your vision become a reality is one of the most invaluable assets you can have. I am where I am today, both personally and business-wise because others have allowed me to stand on their backs. They have been and continue to be generous in the measure of support they provide and the doors they continue to facilitate me walking through. 

This segment of the podcast features a powerful interview I was privileged to conduct with Corhinn Brunot, Founder and CEO of the International Creative Arts Women's Network (ICAWN), as she eschewed the benefits to be derived from networking. For further information, visit the ICAWN website at http://www.icawn.com/ 

Blessed, Yet Silently Frustrated


"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Charles Dickens

Everything is on point, tight, down-packed. Your life is in order, you are flowing, things are happening for you, doors are busting wide open, opportunities are coming left, right and center. You name it, it's happening! 

Well, maybe not everything. For you see, there is always something, often that one area in your life that never seems to cooperate. How can you have so much going for you at any given point in time and still feel as though you were coming up short on something? How can you be possibly blessed and yet silently frustrated?

Prayer - The Great Kingdom Technology (Full Downloadable MP3 Version)



There is a technology that the Master Designer has given us to shift our circumstances, to counter the effects of darkness, to change our lives, and to transform our world. It is strategic in nature, direct, effective, and is guaranteed to get the job done when appropriately administered. 

No other technology by far, has the capacity and the potency to alter the very course of our lives, of our destinies and of our unborn generations, like that of prayer. It was designed to accomplish all these things and then some, but it must be activated and utilized purposefully, deliberately and with precision. If we do not pray, absolutely nothing happens!

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