Fathers: The ‘Catalyst’ Designed To Launch You Into Your Destiny (Part II)


Interview with special guest; scientist, author, United Nations NGO Extra-Ordinary Ambassador, Vice President of Environmental Sustainability for the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA), pastor (Miramar Kingdom Community Center), mentor, and FATHER, Dr. Pepe Ramnath.

"The male-man was wired and engineered for fatherhood" - Dr. Pepe Ramnath

Building on Part I of this segment, Dr. Pepe Ramnath masterfully articulates from a scientific, social and spiritual dynamic, why and how the male-man was endowed with the responsibility of transmitting life. He talks at length concerning, among other things, the importance of the position and role of fathers; how provision has been made to facilitate the destiny of the fatherless; and, how those who have failed and are failing miserably as fathers can be restored and re-positioned to assume their rightful place. 

With a direct yet compassionate approach that can only be exhibited by a 'true father', Dr. Pepe appeals to the heart of the male-man who wants to live authentically as the leader in his children's lives, but lacks the courage and the know-how to make this deep-seated conviction a reality. A timely message for fathers, the fatherless and mothers who love their children.

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