Excerpt_The Kingdom Citizen’s Responsibilities


Excerpt from the message presented to members of the Miramar Kingdom Community Center (MKCC). The message is available in its entirety in the video link located at the bottom of the podcast page. The actual presentation begins at the 44-minute mark...

Rights! What is owed to us, what we are entitled to. Whether it is in the Kingdom of God, or in a community, work, church, school, or organizational setting, everyone readily embraces this concept. In-fact, it goes without saying that we will go to whatever length or take the necessary measures to ensure that our rights are protected. The scales of justice, however, demands that, not only do we need to be aware and fully engage in defending what we are entitled to, but equally as important is the need to be fully aware of and uphold our responsibilities. 

The benefit of citizenship in a nation, including the Kingdom of Heaven, or membership in an organization, is that we have rights, BUT, it is in fulfilling our responsibilities that our rights are reinforced as well as preserved. The pendulum swings both ways. You are not an authentic citizen or member if you are not abiding by the laws of the nation or organization that you are apart of.

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