When “Yes” Still Leads To Failure…What Next?


Has disappointment ever brought you to your knees? Has it ever brought you to the door of absolute despair and hopelessness? Have you ever suffered a colossal failure or disappointment that recovery seemed almost impossible? Most importantly, has God ever given you the 'green-light' to proceed but disappointment or failure came just the same?

Maybe there is something more that God is requiring or even demanding of you. Maybe failure and disappointment are apart of the process itself, apart of your journey. Maybe God is wanting to prove what is in your heart. Maybe God is wanting to bring you to a place of complete understanding that without His involvement, your ability to secure the victory is null and void. 

Maybe God is wanting to ensure that the praise and glory will be directed to Him and Him alone when you finally get there. Maybe He wants you to rely on Him even more. It could be any number of reasons. The only way you are going to know what do to next, when the decision to move on a confirmation of "yes" still leads to failure, is to go back to your Source. Go back to God.

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