What’s Holding You Hostage?


What's holding you hostage? What is it that you've been fittin' to do but just have not gotten around to getting done? More important than the ‘what’ is the ‘why’. Why haven't you started what you've been meaning to start? Why did you start but stopped in the middle of the process? Why haven't you resumed where you left off and why are you still making excuses? 

Procrastination by far, is probably the most potent threat to success. Though there are several factors that often work to hinder you from making the moves you dream of making and doing the things you are capable of accomplishing, if you do not know who you are, if you never truly discover the real you and if your identity remains undefined, almost nebulous, you can never begin to truly express your essence. If you do not believe that you've been blessed with something of value and significance to contribute to the world, to your generation, the only evidence of your existence on earth will one day be a tomb stone in the cemetery.

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