My Position: Kingdom Ambassador. My Mission: To Advance The Father’s Agenda In The Earth


The word ambassador means, "An official envoy. This person is the highest ranking diplomat who represents a State and is usually accredited to another sovereign State (country), or to an international organization as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign".

When you come to God and you give yourself completely over to Him, your opinions no longer hold weight. Instead, His opinions, culture, values, customs, language, disposition, and ways of doing things become your own. You take on His nature and you walk as His representative in the earth. 

Wherever you go, in whatever setting you find yourself, you represent His interests. This is what it means to be a Kingdom Ambassador. It means that you represent His government wherever you are.

You as a Kingdom Ambassador live in this world, but you should never subscribe to the world's opinions or the world's ways of doing things. You should never be influenced by it's culture, it's language, it's practices, or it's social constructs. Your obligation and allegiance is always to the government that you represent, that is, the Kingdom of God.

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