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Hi You!
Welcome to the Building According To Pattern, LLC Podcast Series Channel. It's a honor to have you tuned in to the great content that this channel has to offer. Here you are guaranteed to find exciting, life-transforming, thought-provoking, and challenging information that is geared towards empowering you to discover your own unique blue-print and passions, and to help you build your life in sync with God's perfect plan for you. 

The podcast segments offer key insights into biblically-centered principles and patterns that have been established and detailed in the Word of God (The Human's Manual for Living), and is chock-filled with answers, solutions, directions, and instructions to help you live life successfully. True success is the Master Designer/Manufacturer's plan for everyone! 

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For further details about the Building According To Pattern, LLC brand, its services and products, and to access the BLOG Series, visit the website at batpllc.comSend email inquiries to info@buildingaccordingtopattern.com

Georgia A. Bryce

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