The Single Life Saga - Part I


Interview with special guest; Mental Health Clinician, Certified Professional Speaker, Transformational Coach, and Educational Trainer Florence Gaspard. Her motivational presentations are inspiring clients/audiences to work through their challenges and develop insight into their purpose. 

The single life can be tough, for more reasons than one. Like the times when you run across those old college buddies you haven't seen in years; or those moments when you find yourself in the presence of well meaning church folks at those special church events; or those long awaited family gatherings around the holidays, say Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yup, you guessed it!!! The "when are you going to get married; when are you gonna have them babies; and, what are you waiting for?" questions that seem to go on forever.

This light-hearted and informative podcast segment is for those living the single life and who consistently and persistently find themselves struggling with the roller coaster of negative emotions that often confronts singles. Join special guest Flo Gaspard as she dismantles many of those myths surrounding singleness and presents viable approaches to effectively managing those negative emotions commonly associated with this status. Changing your story/your perspective and embarking upon the journey of self-discovery, are likely your greatest tools for seeing you over those hump moments.   

Death Re-Defined: The Myles Munroe Legacy


"Death is a constant companion for each of us. It is also the most unique motivator I have ever known. You can either fear death- negative motivation, or you can see it as an asset- positive motivation. It doesn't matter which path you take, you will always meet it at the end of the road. Death has an assignment. The key then to understanding death, is to discover its purpose". - Dr. Myles Munroe (In Pursuit of Purpose)

Nobody wants to die, but if you are terrified of death, there is that strong possibility that you truly have not started living just yet. People who live their lives on purpose are very much aware that their death is always imminent, but they are so preoccupied with and committed to finishing their course, they have neither the time nor the energy to live in fear. 

When an Ambassador gets called back to the Headquarters of Heaven, our home country, the rest of us are trained to rise to the occasion, take the baton and keep riding. The business of the Kingdom of God must go on. It never stops when someone's task on this side of life comes to an end.


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