Fathers: The ‘Catalyst’ Designed To Launch You Into Your Destiny (Part I)


This concept of 'father' did not emerge out of the human being's own limited creative capacity. It's construct was never left up to the constantly evolving ideals of humans, neither were its meaning and value, and certainly not its purpose. Instead, this concept was designed and crafted by the Master Manufacturer Himself.

God designed fathers to be the ones to help catalyze and facilitate the various processes in our lives. In concert with Him, fathers were put in place to ensure that the plans and purposes of God for their children's lives would unfold and take full effect, in season and on time. This original idea and plan for fathers have not changed.


This One’s For The Fighter In You!


Interview with special guest Anita Johnson, Doctoral student in Educational Leadership and Single's Ministry Leader at the Miramar Kingdom Community Center

I have found that no matter how balanced, focused and determined we are, every now and again life has a tendency of taking a chunk out of our joy and peace of mind. What do you do when bombarded by disappointments, loss and failure? And what do you do when old mantras and popular phrases such as the famous statement by Winston Churchill; "Never, never, never give up", no longer seem relevant, convincing, or pacifying? Joining me today is special guest Anita Johnson. Talk about a born fighter!!


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