The Power of Networking_Finding Your Base


Plans go wrong without talking together, but they will go well when many wise men talk about what to do ~ King Solomon (The Manual For Living)

Whether it is in the corporate world or in your personal world, nothing beats the power of collaboration. Having a core or a network of people who are determined and committed to helping you make your vision become a reality is one of the most invaluable assets you can have. I am where I am today, both personally and business-wise because others have allowed me to stand on their backs. They have been and continue to be generous in the measure of support they provide and the doors they continue to facilitate me walking through. 

This segment of the podcast features a powerful interview I was privileged to conduct with Corhinn Brunot, Founder and CEO of the International Creative Arts Women's Network (ICAWN), as she eschewed the benefits to be derived from networking. For further information, visit the ICAWN website at 

Blessed, Yet Silently Frustrated


"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Charles Dickens

Everything is on point, tight, down-packed. Your life is in order, you are flowing, things are happening for you, doors are busting wide open, opportunities are coming left, right and center. You name it, it's happening! 

Well, maybe not everything. For you see, there is always something, often that one area in your life that never seems to cooperate. How can you have so much going for you at any given point in time and still feel as though you were coming up short on something? How can you be possibly blessed and yet silently frustrated?


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