Looking For ‘The’ Fast-Track To Success?…God!


From God's perspective, success is never defined by the goal. Instead, it is the process of getting to your goal that determines whether you are successful or not. The things you do, the character changes you make and the paradigm shifts that occur along the way. How much more your image begins to closely mirror that of His Son as you journey and how much of what He places you in the earth to do you are diligently accomplishing. 

This is what success looks like from God's vantage point. It has nothing to do with your ambitions. Instead, it has everything to do with His plans for your life. If you have no clue concerning why you were placed in the earth, of who you are and where your identity lies, you cannot even begin thinking about being fast-tracked. You, my friend, are completely off-track!

Does God have a fast-track to get you the success you are looking for? Yes He does. Is it in sync with what we have in mind? Unfortunately and fortunately most of the time, it does not...

Image Bearers, Activate And Take Your Place


The creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. The world is eagerly waiting for you to find yourself, find your place and to begin manifesting the glory or the image of God in the earth. 

As an image bearer, a son of God, you have been placed in an environment to represent His image. To make Him known to those around you who do not know Him. You are being called to make a difference, to take a stand, to change some things and to be a source and force of influence. You have the capacity to change environments and to shift atmospheres. 

You have the ability to transform your domain, your circle of influence. It's time to get activated and to get involved. Say something. Do something. When you begin to express your image as a son of God, when you decide to get active and assume your place, it gives others permission and the courage to do the same. 

Your Name…Your ONLY Signature


What's in a name? By definition, a 'name' refers to a word or term used for identification. A personal name identifies a specific, unique and identifiable individual person. Your name is your identification. By it you can be identified. It is the thing that distinguishes you and it is intricately tied to the substance of who you are; your essence. From a philosophical standpoint, essence refers to the attribute or set of attributes that make an entity or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity. So if a thing were to lose its essence, it would lose its identity. 

Your name represents your location; spiritually, intellectually, ideologically, and philosophically. Your name is your character. Your name represents what will one day become your history, your legacy. What you will be remembered for. Your name is the only signature you truly have. Use it wisely.


Attention! New Self-Ware Updates, Upgrades Available For Download


As a man thinks in his heart, so is he and so he becomes. Your thoughts and thought-processes are always being sourced and influenced by one of two forces; the Master Designer and Manufacturer of your life, who is synonymous to a software developer, or the enemy of every human being, satan himself (the cyber-criminal). The quality of the information that enters your heart ultimately drives your decision-making process and subsequently your actions and the overall quality of your life.

From time to time, a software developer has to make available software files commonly referred to as a 'patch' or 'service pack', that contain updated information and various fixes designed to resolve issues or errors impacting the general operations of your computer system. A software update is the process of running an update on the computer that installs the latest up-to-date code and fixes. If your processor (your heart) has been impacted by a "bug", self-ware updates and upgrades are readily available for download. They are contained in your Manual for Living. 


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