The Three-Dimensional Shift Needed To Advance Real Change


Change; quite possibly the most controversial concept in the world of languages. It's a topic we love to hate. We understand its significance, we value its applicability, we appreciate its merits, we long for its results, but we despise its process and we resent its demands. 

Whether it is in our personal life, our interpersonal relational dynamics, on our jobs, or in our businesses. Whether it is with our spouses, our significant others, our children, our families, our colleagues, or our friends, the notion of change can be quite intrusive. Most remarkable of its qualities is that it is loud, it is constant, and no matter the delay, it will not and cannot be ignored. At some point in time, we will have to respond to its knock. For real change to begin, for a shift to occur in your life, confrontation is an absolute necessity. 

Abandoning Your Poor Inheritance To Create A New Legacy


The hardest thing you will ever have to do, I have discovered, is change. It is a most difficult process. It takes time, energy, deliberation, and frustration. It comes with pain and agony, and it requires extreme commitment. Change that involves your own unique individual self is one thing, but change that involves the inheritance, the legacy you have been given and how you have been socialized by your family, is a whole other ballgame.

What is your story? What have you inherited that is threatening to sabotage the dreams you have in your heart, the destiny that God has in mind for you? What legacy have you been handed by your parents and even grandparents that is working overtime to cripple you, to make you impotent? Change is possible. It starts with a decision.

Forget Your Scribbles! Find Your Life’s Blue-Print And Build Baby, Build


What pattern, plan, dream, or vision have you been seeking to work with, implement, or execute that has absolutely nothing to do with your own unique design? What have you been trying to make fit into your world or what have you been seeking to conform to that is simply incurring you more frustration and pain, rather than the success you were meant to have? 

If God is not apart of your plans and if you are not busy executing His plans for your life, that is, your purpose, you are simply wasting time trying to execute your own scribbles. Your pursuits this year must be driven by what is written in your DNA; the inbuilt pattern for your life. Your pursuits this year must be co-signed by your Master Manufacturer. In-fact, if your plans are to ever succeed in a timely manner and remain on course, here is some advice; get God on-board and get Him on-board quickly!

Raise The Bar! Establishing Your Standards Early In The Game


Merriam Webster defines a standard as "Something that is very good and that is used to make judgments about the quality of other things". By virtue of this definition, one thing is absolutely clear, if that standard or benchmark is missing, there will be no basis on which the quality of anything can be measured. Everything in this life is measured by a standard, a benchmark. 

Our standards are tied squarely to our identity; how we perceive and even value ourselves. The premium we place on our individual lives. Right at this moment, you might be living or even functioning below the standard you were designed to live by.


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