Marking My History and Making My Boldest Moves Yet


Never forget the lessons, never forget the stance, never forget your commitment to the greater cause, the bigger picture for your life. Never forget the sacrifices you've made. Never forget what God has shown you that is ahead of you. 

What you must let go of, however, are the failures, the losses, the disappointments, the missed opportunities, and things and people that you had to walk away from. 

"Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him." Your obedience to God and your firm commitment to His plans for your life will cause you to make your boldest moves yet.

The Real Cause For Celebrating Christmas


It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! But have you ever asked the question, "Why?" Beyond the festivities, the gift givings, the family gatherings, and even the realm of the manger, there are truths concerning the coming of Jesus Christ, the One whom Christmas is all about. It is very important for us to know them and to never, ever forget them.

He is God's gift to a dying world; a world steeped in gross darkness and wickedness. A world made totally blind to the love of the One who created it and everything in it. Knowing why Jesus came will give us a reason to live, long after the gifts and festivities of the season have past.

Equipped, Charged And Ready To Face 2014


That handful of corn sitting on a shelf in the corner will continue remaining as is year after year after year if not placed in the right environment. It will demand a decision, time, energy, effort, sweat, hard work, sacrifice, and commitment if a sower wants the harvest he is envisioning in his mind. 

What are you going after in 2014? What are you willing to sow, labor over, and sacrifice to get there, to achieve it? Where are you projecting your life to be in 365 days from day one in January 2014? Get equipped, get charged, get ready, get moving!!

Staying The Course No Matter What (He ALWAYS Comes Through!)


Our gifts really aren't ours to curtail, minimize, suppress, or short circuit. Instead they have been implanted deep inside our spirits by our Master Designer and are meant to serve the needs of those around us. The measure of how successful we are at what we do must only be judged by the value it brings to just one person.

In those moments of despair and discouragement, our Heavenly Father knows just what we need to boost our confidence and to pick us up. As you begin pursuing purpose, things will begin surfacing to give you enough reasons to call it quits, to shrink back or even to walk away. Your challenge is to stay the course no matter what. The Master Manufacturer, God, ALWAYS comes through!!

Why Resolutions Never Work! Get With Your Vision


Your New Years resolutions must be anchored to something bigger and greater. Something that has the capacity to withstand the storms that are gonna come. Something that has the ability to resist opposition. Something that will keep you trudging uphill, pushing against the current and going it alone when it's easier following the path of least resistance. 

Something that will stare disappointment in the face and boldly declare, "Nope, I'm never gonna give up." That thing that can take a licking but keep on ticking. That thing that doesn't mind being buried for a season because inbuilt in it is the capacity to rise again. Vision!!, what you can see with the mind's eye when everything else around you is screaming gloom, doom and failure

Strategizing For Your Next Move. What Exactly Are You Looking At?


You are where you are right now because of what you have been training your eyes (both externally and internally) to focus on. If you are at  a temporary stop, keep it that way!! Do not get comfortable, do not settle for mediocrity, do not give up or throw in the towel. Get the vision for your life in order and put it before your face everyday. 

Always remember this one truth, "You will always (only) move in the direction of your most dominant thought". 


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