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Ever felt like your life was placed on pause? Ever felt that throwing in the towel seems to be the easiest alternative? The Holy Spirit, the Master Manufacturer's authorized representative, has the capacity to un-pause your life, hit the reset button and cause you to resume play. Like the marred vessel in the potter's hand, He can take your fractured life and make it again another.

Locked Out Inside


Regardless of the size or intended use, all buildings must comply with zoning ordinances, building codes and other regulations such as fire codes, life safety codes, and related standards. When the time comes for inspection, all buildings will be judged by these same parameters and the standards must be met. Your inheritance is guaranteed but if your life is not "up to code", you could still be locked out even though you are in place. 

Laying The ‘Slab’ To Your Future


In constructing a building, approximately 30-40% of the time is invested in laying the foundation. Arguably, the foundation is the most important component of any building and if built incorrectly, can have serious structural issues in the long run. What is the foundation of your life like? Is the base broad enough and sound enough to support the height at which your Master Designer intends for you to go? Let's build together!!

Sight’s Limited? Check The State Of Your Union Pt. 3


God's mode of thinking, of operating, is never limited to just the present. His perspective is always multi-dimensional, multi-directional and multi-generational in its scope. All three approaches are important, but multi-generational thinking is absolutely critical. It means giving voice to the future. From our perspective, we only see an apple, but from our Manufacturer's perspective, an apple means an orchard. Multi-generational thinking forces you to weigh your decisions with more gravity, seriousness and focus. After-all, you are not just living for you in the here and now, or are you? The final in a 3-part segment.  

Sight’s Limited? Check The State Of Your Union Pt. 2


There are varying degrees of sight.The depth or extent of your perception is tied squarely to the state of your union or relationship with your Manufacturer. It is He who gives you the unique capacity to think from both a multi-directional and multi-dimensional perspective, with the promise to prosper your endeavors. Part 2 of a 3 part segment. 

Sight’s Limited? Check The State Of Your Union Pt. 1


There is seeing and then there is seeing. Is there a difference? Absolutely! The depth or extent of your perception is tied squarely to the state of your union or relationship with your Manufacturer. This is where the real journey of purpose begins. You can only have what you see (en-vision), so let's get your sight in order. Listen now to Part 1...

The Drive Towards Destiny…You Are Here 10-8-2013


Your future is guaranteed; it is untapped potential and experiences waiting to be unearthed and discovered. Everything you need to make it into your destiny has already been in-built. However, your arrival is entirely up to you and is hinged on the series of decisions that you choose to make on a daily basis. Let's journey...

Truth - In The Fight Of It’s Life For Meaning


What is Truth? Why is there such an uproar over this simple concept? Why does the very idea evoke such passion, anger, confrontation, and division among different groups? Most importantly, can it really be changed, altered, or destroyed? Let's journey....

Building According To Pattern: The Purpose of…


In this segment I share the purpose, mission and vision of Building According To Pattern LLC, and how it is designed to serve you in your pursuit of destiny.


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