Building Muscles to ‘Bust’ a Move


In this segment we examine categories of exercising; voluntary vs. involuntary (boot camp). If you have ever had to walk through 'boot camp training', you will know it is the toughest, grimiest, most difficulty process ever. No, we are not talking about getting dragged off to some faraway place, ensconced deeply in the woods with no flicker of civilization in sight. What we are talking about is a boot camp of the mind and how to not only survive, but capitalize on the experience. Let's kick!!

Could You Be The Key?


What if you are the key that was designed to unlock the potentials of a multitude of people? What if your gifts were designed to make room for others and are the catalyst that's needed to launch others into their destinies? What if you are not in position? How can you make the shift? These and so many other questions are answered in this segment of the BATPLLC podcast series. Enjoy:

Introduction to BATP Podcast Series


So delighted you subscribed to the Building According To Pattern, LLC podcast. WARNING!! The information presented here is not for the faint of heart, but for people who, like you, have made the decision to discover their own unique design and to be in full pursuit of it. You have been gifted with something extra-ordinary to deliver to the world and here you will find support, answers, a sense of direction, and affirmation that you are heading in the right direction in your journey.

Framing Your World by Shifting Your Perspective


Your perspective has the extra-ordinary ability to propel you into the life you've envisioned and the dreams you constantly muse about. However, if not effectively managed, your perspective can quickly become a sabotaging force.Listen in on the core foundational principle to always bear in mind in your pursuit of the prosperous life you desire.
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